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Committees & Partners

Committees »

The RPRC:NCDHR is organized into several committees that carry out its work. Click on any of the links below to learn more about each committee.

  • Executive Committee: Responsible for ongoing management of the RPRC:NCDHR
  • Research Committee: Discusses design, implementation, analysis, and dissemination of RPRC:NCDHR research projects. The Translation Work Groups (TWG) functions under the Research Committee and is made up of bilingual (ASL and English) individuals who have extensive experience in English-ASL translation and a high degree of Deaf cultural competency.

Partners »

RPRC:NCDHR maintains multiple partnerships. Click on any of the links below to learn more about each partnership.

  • Deaf Community Partners
  • Healthy Living with Hearing Loss (HL2)

    Healthy Living with Hearing Loss is a community committee that partners with RPRC:NCDHR. The purpose of this group is to identify strengths and resources of people with hearing loss, as well as prioritize topics for health research. Members of the HL2 include leaders from the Rochester community of people with hearing loss, the health and healthcare community, researchers, and other interested community organizations. The HL2 will also identify and invite any groups they feel may be missing from the group. HL2 meets monthly. For more information regarding the HL2, please contact Erika Sutter.

  • Local Partner Advisory Board (LPAB): Meets quarterly and helps to better engage community organizations in RPRC:NCDHR activities.

  • External Advisory Committee (EAC): Meets with the RPRC:NCDHR once a year and helps provide a national perspective on RPRC:NCDHR's strategies and goals.