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Deaf Community Partners

The Rochester Prevention Research Center (RPRC) has a strong commitment to community based participatory research (CBPR). CBPR is a way to involve community partners in all stages of RPRC research. RPRC has grown tremendously since we opened in 2004, and much of that growth has been with our work with the Deaf community. We want to continue to strengthen and grow our community partnerships and collaborations.

We value CBPR and carefully considered ways to grow our community partnerships to match the growth of RPRC projects and programs. After discussion with many stakeholders we decided on a new approach for RPRC collaboration with the Deaf Community. We are forming several small community committees, one for each RPRC project. This approach is based on a model used by Barbara Israel, a well-known CBPR researcher from the University of Michigan.

To watch the vlog about the new Deaf Community Committees, click here.

 To read the full article, click here.

To read about the history of Deaf community collaboration, click here.

If you are interested in joining any of the below community committees, please email Kelly Matthews at or VP at 585-512-8519.


Deaf Weight Wise Community CommitteeDWW logoncdhr

Deaf Weight Wise is our most recent Clinical Trial that provided a research intervention for those aged 40-70 (2009-2014). The goal of Deaf Weight Wise was to teach participants healthy lifestyle habits, including proper nutrition and physical activity. Activities for this project's community committee will include sharing research results with the community, hosting town hall meetings to share results, and also providing feedback on the new cycle of Deaf Weight Wise, which will be known as DWW 2.0.

Click to learn more about the Deaf Weight Wise .

Deaf Weight Wise 2.0 is our new core research project for 2014-2019. This is a Deaf Weight Wise intervention and Clinical Trial that will be adapted to suit those from ages 21-70. This will include both group interventions and one on one intervention through the VideoPhone. Activities for this project's community committee will include, assisting with the new curriculum, providing feedback on our research methods,and actively recruit community members to enroll in the study.


Deaf2 Community Committee                      

hivThe Deaf2 Community Committee (CC) is an advisory committee established by the NCDHR to ensure the community perspective and advice is applied to the Deaf2 Project. The Deaf2 CC guides the NCDHR’s process on developing and implementing these projects for and to the deaf community. The Deaf2 HIV Video Testing Line is a pilot video call center to enhance access to HIV Testing with Deaf Sign Language users in Rochester, NY. To learn more about the Deaf2 Project, visit or contact Kelly at

Deaf Health Survey Community Committee

The Deaf Health Survey was collected over 2013/2014 and will provideDHS 2013 logodhs a “snapshot” of the health of the overall deaf community here in Rochester. Activities for this project's community committee include: assisting with data analysis, interpreting results of the survey, choosing survey topics for the next survey, and hosting town hall meetings to share the results of this survey with our community. 

Click to learn more about the Deaf Health Survey.