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Healthy Living with Hearing Loss (HL2)

Healthy Living with Hearing Loss is a community committee that partners with RPRC:NCDHR. This group identifies strengths and resources of people with hearing loss, and prioritizes topics for health research. Members of the HL2 include leaders from the Rochester community of people with hearing loss, the health and healthcare community, researchers, and other interested community organizations.

For more information regarding the HL2, please contact Erika Sutter (




The HL2 completed a report from a survey that was administered amongst members of the HL2 regarding determining health priorities of people with hearing loss. To see the completed document, click here.


HL2’s Nine (9) Research Priorities, established 2013:

●     Healthcare

◦       Hearing Loss & Health care Communication
◦       Clinicians w/ knowledge to work w/people with hearing loss

●     Mental Health

◦       Hearing loss & Anxiety
◦       Hearing loss & Frustration/Anger
◦       Hearing loss & Depression

●     Cognition

◦       Hearing loss & Cognition

●     Social

◦       Hearing Loss & Ability to Work
◦       Hearing loss & Interpersonal Relationships (includes family)

●     Audiology

◦       Hearing loss treatment & overall health/well-being