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All of the videos below are captioned. Click Full Screen to watch, then click “cc” in the video window to see the captions.                   To see the complete list of RPRC Executive and Research Committee members, click here.

Steven Barnett

Steven Barnett, MD
Principal Investigator/Program Director
Rochester Prevention Research Center
National Center for Deaf Health Research
Associate Professor,
Department of Family Medicine and the Department of Public Health Sciences
University of Rochester Medical Center

Tamala David

Tamala David, PhD, MPA, MS, FNP​
RPRC:NCDHR Education and Training Lead

Lori DeWindt

Lori DeWindt, MA
Health Project Coordinator

(585) 568-6572 (Videophone)


Erika de la Puente, BFA
Communications Coordinator

(585) 286-2776 (Video Phone)


Donna Guardino, PhD
Health Project Coordinator



Janna Luksha

Deaf Weight Wise 2.0 Video Phone Counselor

  Camille Martina

Camille Martina, PhD
NCDHR Lead Program Evaluator

Research Assistant Professor
Department of Public Health Sciences Department of Environmental Medicine

(585) 273-3874 (Voice)
(585) 275-7136 (Voice)

Kelly Matthews


Kelly Matthews, BSW
Health Project Coordinator / Outreach Coordinator

(585) 512-8519 (Videophone)



Jennifer Stewardson, BS
Human Subject Research Coordinator

(585) 206-7474 (Video Phone)

Erika Sutter


Erika Sutter, MPH
Deputy Director
/ Senior Health Project Coordinator

(585) 275-7347 (Voice)