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The NCDHR uses the “Deaf to Deaf” communication approach in our research and programs. This project provides information in American Sign Language (ASL) to Deaf communities, from our Deaf staff and team.


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To get started, go to Trillium Health (location is below).




259 Monroe Ave
Rochester, NY 14607



Click here to check out the PDF version of Deaf2 Flow Chart

To learn more about Deaf2 HIV Video Testing Line, click here.






ncdhrClick on the picture to go into the informational video library!

To know more about the informational video library, click here




To know more about the Information Line, click here.

VP: 585-270-7383
Text: 585-284-5521
FaceTime: 585-284-5521




cxfvsThe person who designed the DeafHIV Video Testing Line was one of our staff here at NCDHR, Erika de la Puente. She thought about it thoroughly by asking other staff how they really wanted to present the project. The story behind the logo itself is based on American Sign Language (ASL) sign for "Video Phone." Deaf people heavily rely on video phone to call for many different reasons. Erika couldn't come up with any better representation than
that! The color that she chose for the design was
red to represent the universal awareness and
support people living with HIV.