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Past Research

General Information

Since 2004, researchers at the Rochester Prevention Research Center (RPRC): National Center for Deaf Health Research have conducted many projects:‚Äč Adolescent Cardiovascular Health Literacy Project, College Health Survey, Deaf Health Survey 2008, Deaf Healthcare Survey, Deaf Perceptions Project, Focus Group on Deaf Moms & Infant Care, Health Literacy & Cardiovascular Risk Survey, Identifying Deaf Adolescents on a Local YRBS, Including Deaf People in Health Surveillance, and Rapid Assessment Procedure.


See more information on each research below:

Adolescent Cardiovascular Health Literacy Project

College Health Survey

Deaf Health Survey 2008

Deaf Healthcare Survey

Deaf Perceptions Project

Focus Group on Deaf Moms & Infant Care

Health Literacy & Cardiovascular Risk Survey

Identifying Deaf Adolescent on a Local YRBS9

Including Deaf People in Health Surveillance

Rapid Assessment Procedure