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Advanced Practice Providers

Advanced Practice Providers (APP) serve in collaborative roles with physicians in all specialties in acute care and clinic settings.

When you make an appointment for a neurosurgical consultation with one of the physicians at Rochester Neurosurgery Partners (RNP), you may spend some of your time with a Advanced Practice Provider. He or she will take your vital signs, ask about your medical history and current symptoms, and conduct a physical and neurosurgical exam. He or she will discuss this information with the doctor who will see you next. After the doctor meets with you, a plan will be made for your medical treatment.

The APP may be the person who calls you with test results or other information the doctor would like you to know. He or she may take your phone call if you have a question about your medical treatment or new information concerning your condition. These calls will be discussed with your physician. The APP may perform some of the medical procedures that become necessary for your medical care, such as a lumbar puncture. He or she may see you in during your follow-up visit.

RNP utilizes two types of Advanced Practice Providers - Nurse Practitioners (NPs), and Physician Assistants (PAs). Both nurse practitioners and physician assistants are nationally certified and state licensed to provide diagnostic, treatment and follow-up care under the direction of a physician.

Advanced Practice Providers

Highlighting One Of Our Advanced Practice Providers


Susan O. Smith entered the Adult Nurse Practitioner program in 1993. She clearly demonstrates an invaluable contribution to the advancement of Nurse Practitioners through her excellence in clinical practice in a large collaborative neurosurgery group. Throughout her career, Susan has sought out volunteer opportunities in national organizations with a focus on continuing education for nurses and Advanced Practice Providers. In addition to her exemplary work with The Nurse Practitioner Association, she has many other leadership roles, including service as the President of the Greater Rochester Chapter of the American Association of Neuroscience Nurses. Susan is very well spoken and is a tireless advocate for Nurse Practitioner practice. Her peers describe her as the consummate professional with a sense of humor, and the ultimate multi-tasker, who inspires others to strive for excellence. We have been most fortunate to have her excellent creative energy contributing substantially to the mission of the Greater Rochester Chapter of The Nurse Practitioner Association and pleased to congratulate her on being chosen Nurse Practitioner of the Year!