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Medical Alert & Medication Dispensing Programs

Medical Guardian

Noyes Health Medical Alert is your local medical alert provider since 1982. We support older adults and those with chronic conditions living at home by sending help whenever the unexpected happens, whether that be a fall, medical problem, mobility issue or security concern. Our local program covers more than a 50-mile radius of Dansville including Livingston and the surrounding counties. 

A sliding scale is available for fees for those who are income-eligible. 

Current Medical Alert options:

Medical Alert Landline -- $33 per monthMedical Guardian Unit

  • Waterproof Personal Help Button available as a necklace or a wristband
  • Works in and around the home
  • Fall detection option available  – this will call for help automatically if a person falls and does not get up – $12/month


Medical Alert Wireless 4G options: $43 per month Medical Alert Mobile

  • For those who do not have a telephone landline 
  • Waterproof personal help button available as necklace or wristband
  • Fall detection available for $12 per month


Medical Alert Mobile options: $44 per month 

  • Provides access to help anywhere in the U.S.A. with cellular coverageMedical Alert Mobile
  • Fall detection option at no extra cost
  • Two-way communicator
  • GPS location services
  • Low battery text alerts


MedReady Medication Dispenser

MedReady Medication Dispensing Service

The MedReady medication dispenser is easy to use and can help keep older adults living independently at home. It tells you or a loved one when to take the appropriate medications and dispenses them in the correct amounts. The MedReady machine notifies a caregiver of issues including missed doses and when medication is getting low.

MedReady: $35/month ($25 one-time installation fee)

  • Ensures the right medications are taken at the right time
  • Will hold up to 28 doses of medication
  • Can dispense up to four times a day
  • Alerts to missed doses

Click here to learn more about MedReady

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