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March is National Caffeine Awareness Month

Easy tips to make your morning coffee a little healthier

According to Harvard public Health, 54% of US adults report drinking coffee daily. While it is important to note caffeine consumption, caffeine shouldn’t be something to be too worried about. However, make sure to pay close attention to what is added to your morning brew. Many consumers and coffee-chains are serving up drinks loaded with extra calories, fat, sugar, and preservatives.
Here are some easy tips to help make your morning drink work with you; not against you:
  1. Limit the sugar/syrup you put in your coffee. If you currently like a sweeter brew, start by eliminating just 1 packet or ½ tablespoon of sugar a day from your until you are down to just 1 packet of sugar.
  2. Avoid artificial Sweeteners.
  3. Consider trying Stevia to sweeten your Coffee. Stevia is a natural sweetener that comes from the Stevia plant, containing no artificial ingredients and zero calories.
  4. Avoid artificial creamers. If your creamer can stay out in room temperature, it has to be laden with preservatives. Opt for skim milk or half and half.
  5. Add spices to your morning brew! Cinnamon, Cardamom, nutmeg and cocoa powder can all be used in small amounts to naturally flavor your morning coffee.
  6. Add extracts to your coffee, a few drops of almond or vanilla extract can enhance your morning cup of joe!
  7. Adding a pinch of salt to your morning coffee can enhance the natural sweetness of the coffee!


Contributed by Daniel Olbrych, Dietetic Intern 2016-2017