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Outpatient Nutrition Services

Outpatient Nutrition Services are offered throughout the Rochester community to provide Medical Nutrition Therapy for a variety of health conditions. Below is list of Registered Dietitians and services they provide.

Adult Nutrition

Cardiac Rehab

140 Canal View Suite 104. Rochester, NY
Elizabeth Keirstead, RD, CDE
Appointments: (585) 274-0710

UR Diabetes Care: Strong Diabetes Program

601 Elmwood Ave Rochester, NY
Myrna Paige, MS, RD, CDE
Elizabeth Keirstead, RD, CDE
Jackie Page, MS, RD
Appointments: (585) 275-2901

Healthy Living Center

46 Prince St. Rochester, NY
Appointments: (585) 530-2050
Dietitian services include: Weight loss, pre-diabetes, medical nutrition therapy

Special Patient Services & Executive Health

University of Rochester Medical Center
Bailey Specht, RD

Lattimore Women’s Health

125 Lattimore Rd. Rochester, NY
Lisa Modesti, RD
Appointments: (585) 275-2691
To note: Patients must be a patient of the practice

Pluta Cancer Center

125 Red Creek Rd. Rochester, NY
Sue Czap, RD
Pluta Cancer Center: (585) 486-0654
Comprehensive Breast Care at Pluta: (585) 486-0654
Lattimore Gyn Oncology: (585) 442-8020

UR Homecare - Home Infusion Nutrition Support

Courtney Pelitera, RD

Outpatient Nutrition Support Clinic

601 Elmwood Ave Rochester, NY
Kathryn Drogan, NP and Linda Lord, NP 
Tube feeding and parenteral (IV) nutrition
​Gastrostomy and jejunostomy tube care and replacements
Appointments: (585) 275-3995

Strong Internal Medicine General Outpatient Adult Nutrition

601 Elmwood Ave Rochester, NY
Rachel Castronovo, RD
Appointments: (585) 275-5681
Fax: (585) 273-1041

UHS on River Campus

Audra Stickney, RD
Appointments: (585) 275-2662

Wilmot Cancer Center

601 Wilmot Cancer Center Rochester, NY
Molly Rockford, RD
Appointments: (585) 275-5823, ask for the dietitian’s scheduler
To note: Patients must have a cancer diagnosis and be under treatment with a Wilmot Cancer Institute physician.

Complex Care Center
905 Culver Rd. Rochester NY

Elle Woodworth, RD
Appointments: (585) 276-7900

Sports Rehabilitation and Nutrition Clinic

Clinton Crossings- Building D, Rochester NY
Brittany Popovich, RD
Appointments: (585) 341-9150

Pediatric Nutrition

Kirch Developmental Center in the Division of Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics (DBP)

601 Elmwood Ave Rochester, NY
Brianne Schmidt, RD & Amy Fromm, RD
Appointments: (585) 275-2986 ask to speak with Lisa Snow
Kirch Developmental Center Website

Pediatric Endocrine Clinic

Kathy Ippolito, RD
(585) 275-7744
Peds Clinic: (585) 275-7153

Adolescent Medicine

Betsy Walsh, RD and Audra Stickney, RD
Appointments: (585) 275-2964

Pediatric GI

Kelly Russo, RD
Megan Greenlee, RD
Donna Quinzi, RD
Appointments: (585) 275-2647

Outpatient Pediatric Nutrition

Donna Quinzi, RD
Appointments: (585) 275-7153

Ketogenic Diet (Pediatric Epilepsy Program)

Leeann Habben, RD
Appointments: (585) 275-2808

Genetic/Inherited Metabolic Diseases

Theresa Harte, RD
Appointments: (585) 275-5857

Pediatric Nephrology

Christine Samoriski, RD
Appointments: (585) 275-9784

Pediatric Allergy & Immunology

Brianne Schmidt, RD & Amy Fromm, RD
Appointments: (585) 276-7190