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URMC / Obstetrics & Gynecology / Research / OB/GYN Research Team - Staff


OB/GYN Research Team Members

Our research team members are a highly-engaged and well-educated group of professionals. They have a wide variety of experience in study design, coordination, human subjects, regulatory compliance, wet lab work, community engagement, data analysis, animal research, focus groups, mobile app development, qualitative and quantitative methods, and everything in between!

Amanda Augustin
Research Administrator
Director of the Office of Research Administration
(585) 275-9182

  • Lisette Alcantara
    Information Analyst, NYS RIA
  • Oksana Babiy
    Continuing Education Credit Manager for CEI​
  • Meghan Best, M.P.H.
    Senior Study Coordinator
  • Sara Bird, M.P.H.
  • Jessica Brunner, CCRC
    Senior Study Coordinator
  • Sarah Caveglia, M.P.H, CCRC
    Senior Study Coordinator
  • Connor DeAndrea-Lazarus, M.P.A 
  • Gail Figgins
    Information Analyst, CEI
  • Taylor Gerber, MPH
  • Tye Johnson, M.P.H.
    Senior Study Coordinator
  • Lynda Kochman, R.N., CCRC
    Senior Clinical Research Coordinator
  • Divya Kumar, BSN
    Study Coordinator
  • Allison Macomber
    Study Coordinator, UPSIDE
  • Jahron Marriott
    Information Analyst, CEI ECHO
  • Susan Miller
    Human Subject Research Coordinator
  • Melissa Napolitano
    Sr. Research Accountant
  • Shazia Siddiqi
    Staff Scientist
  • Jie Zhang
    Senior Analyst/Programmer, CEI
  • Shawn Zhang
    Senior Analyst / Programmer, CEI