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Sports Performance Camp

Sports Performance Camp - Giving you the edge

Giving you the edge on the competition.

Do you want next season to be your best season ever?

The UR Medicine Sports Performance Camp is a chance to take your game to that next level.

Unlike other programs – which focus strictly on physical training – every one of our lessons is based on science. We give you proven ways to improve your technique, form and training. So you get the knowledge you need to become a better athlete.

The UR Medicine Sports Performance Camp is run by experts – including Strength and Conditioning Specialists and Certified Athletic Trainers (ATC’s). These specialists know how to improve your body – and your mind. And they will tailor your training to fit your specific needs.

The program also includes health and fitness advice from UR Medicine’s leading physicians and physical therapists. Plus guest appearances from players and coaches from the Rhinos, Lancers, and Redwings. And it all happens on the University of Rochester campus.

We show you exactly how to improve your game – giving you the edge you need to rise above the competition.

Interested? Here's how to sign up.

Signing up is easy. Sign up online and pay today. Or call (585) 851-0700.

Training designed to fit you.

The UR Medicine Sports Performance Camp is designed by experts to condition both your body and mind. It will help you take your training to the next level by pushing your body to limits that you never though possible.

It includes:

Fundamentals of Movement Training & Injury Prevention

Field Testing including 40 yard dash, broad jump, pro agility, vertical leap and more.

Dates: June 27th - July 28th, 2016 (Monday - Thursday, no camp on 4th of July)

Time: 9am - 12pm

Cost: $425

Register before May 1 and receive 15% o the price! Register in the month of May and receive 10% o the price! Register as a group of 6 or more and all group members will receive 25% o the price!


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