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Services Offered

Our affiliation with a Medical Research based University allows us to leverage the dynamic expertise of our Researchers and staff to enhance the way we support our customers.

  • Broad menu of assays. We provide both the routine and the highly esoteric tests you need. We have special expertise in subspecialty surgical pathology, cytogenetics, mass spectrometry and flow cytometry. We also provide many assays that are not commercially available, and we can develop new assays if necessary.
  • Consultation in test selection and protocol development. We offer guidance that can make your trial run smoother and more effectively with the recommended test selection for your protocol.
  • Project Management. We provide a dedicated project manager with the knowledge to guide you expertly through your study. In addition to collaborating and providing advice in best practices on design and administration of your study, your project manager will actively engage other appropriate resources to make your project run smoothly.
  • Supply Chain and Logistics. From kit design to specimen receipt, we understand the touch points and customer needs in the supply chain. Our logistics experts are inextricably connected with project managers to ensure that execution of your project is seamless.
  • Specimen Storage. Secure short-term and long-term frozen (-20° and -80° Celsius) sample storage is provided to support your study samples. CheckPoint Electronic monitoring with tracking, bar-coding systems and audit trails maintain an accurate record of sample movement and facilitate retrieval access. All systems have natural gas back-up generators during power outages to protect the integrity of your study specimens.
  • Data Management. Providing your laboratory data formatted to your specifications and in the time frame you need is crucial to study success. By using the ClinAxys® II Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS), we are able to provide data in a wide variety of formats and data transfer options.