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Our Fellows

Alexandra Danakas

Current Fellow:

Alexandra Danakas, D.O.

Why did you select URMC for your fellowship training?

The URMC cytology fellowship offers a multitude of training opportunities including performing procedures and on-site evaluations, participating in resident and medical student education, as well as a a wide variety of research potential, among the large and diverse volume of specimens.

What is the best feature of your fellowship training?

The variety and caliber of fellowship duties, and the fantastic people to work alongside.

What is your favorite thing(s) about Rochester?

Being able to find anything I/my family could want or need within a 15-20 minute drive. Also having all four seasons, each has something fun and unique to partake in around the city.

Can you identify a most impactful faculty member/mentor and why?

Although the entire cytology faculty have been instrumental in my decision to stay at URMC for fellowship training, Dr. Luis De Las Casas has invested a great deal of time in both my cytology education, and helping me grow and develop my career goals and aspirations.

Dr. Hasan KhatibPast Fellow:

Hasan Khatib, M.D.

Why Cytopathology?

I find cytopathology very interesting and challenging. Cytopathology can provide the diagnosis "which physicians seek" through minimal invasive procedure and tiny sample. It is similar to solve a puzzle from one piece of the whole image. not to mention that cytological preparations can be used for molecular and immunohistochemistry studies. rapid on site evaluation (ROSE) cytology is a very helpful in providing on the spot diagnosis for the physicians, or at least determine if the targeted lesions were sampled correctly and adequately. Sample triage is also decided depending on the preliminarily  diagnosis such as flow cytometry studies for lymphoma cases or microbiological cultures in infection-related cases.   

Why University of Rochester?

I chose University of Rochester because my interview went very well. The staff was very informative and cooperative. The atmosphere sounded friendly. The volume alone with the variety of cases are excellent. Rochester has an academic medical center with solid foundation of research and publications. Well-known reputation of most of the attendings.   

What Is Unique About The Program?

Good volume of cases, good variety of cases, excellent cytotechs experience, supportive staff, A program director with passion to teach me and make me a good fellow.