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January 2012 Newsletter

Research Visions

The Golisano Children’s Hospital Gala in October 2011 marked the launch of our $100-million capital campaign. This campaign is historic for several reasons. Fiscally, it is the most ambitious campaign we have ever undertaken. It will seek to fund the University of Rochester’s first building designed and built just for children and families. It is also our first campaign aimed at both bricks-and-mortar and at people and programs. In this era of uncertainty of clinical payment structures and metrics, diminishing public funds for research, and shrinking funding opportunities for educational programs and trainees, the insurance policy for continuing to improve treatments and preventive measures for illness and train the next generation of physicians and scientists is investment in ideas, inquiry, and individuals.  We must endow the best and the brightest people and the boldest visions.

We have earmarked seven of our programs as this year’s front-and-center fundraising targets.  We have chosen these programs because they are literally poised to go from “good” to “great” with investments within reach.  In this month’s Pediatric Research Newsletter, we highlight the research visions and imperatives of these particular programs.  They are but a small sampling of the many outstanding programs in URMC Pediatrics that could become a sustainable national presence with your help.