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About Us

Vision, Mission, and Core Values


To be a leader in innovative, cutting-edge research of the mechanisms and treatment of human disease, educate and train the next generation of scientists, clinicians, and scholars, and cultivate a culture of inclusion, collaboration and shared commitment to the department’s core missions.


The Department of Pharmacology and Physiology will:

  • Advance discovery of the patho-mechanisms and treatment of human disease.
  • Educate and train life-long learners to become the next generation of scientists, clinicians, and scholars.
  • Provide governance/leadership at the University of Rochester and in national scientific societies.
  • Improve health outcomes by translation of fundamental scientific discoveries into effective interventions.
  • Foster a diverse, inclusive and collaborative environment that exemplifies the URMC ICARE values.

Core Values

  1. Uphold the values of honesty, integrity, transparency and accountability
  2. Maintain high ethics and moral standards in training, research and leadership
  3. Promote innovative research that addresses current and evolving health challenges
  4. Recognize and reward teamwork and synergy in education and research
  5. Nurture responsible professionalism through a culture of mentorship and role modeling
  6. Promote sensitivity, responsiveness, commitment to diversity, and social responsibility