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Provider Specific Information

ICRP Inclusion Criteria

  • Patients ages 18 and older who have an identified cognitive impairment that falls in the mild to moderate level of severity.
  • The identified cognitive deficits have been acquired, recently, due to a neurological impairment or have developed as a result of medical treatment (e.g. medication effects, chemotherapy, radiation, etc.).
  • Patients must be able to actively participate in the program (requiring sufficient cognitive function to understand and participate, as well as adequate language expression and comprehension).
  • Patients are expected to make cognitive improvement (e.g. patient is not in a vegetative or custodial state).
  • Patients are strongly encouraged to utilize family/social support as part of the clinic model.
  • Patients with comorbid mental health needs should be receiving regular mental health treatment, demonstrating stability of mood, and adherent to medication or proposed treatment interventions (support from their treating mental health provider is strongly suggested to ensure ability to handle the demands of the clinic).

ICRP Patient Requirements

  • Patients referred for ICRP must be able to self-identify personal goals and take an active role in the rehab process
  • Patients must demonstrate insight into their deficits
  • Patients must be able to implement proposed strategies
  • Patients are strongly encouraged to utilize their family/support as part of the clinic model

All providers outside of URMC will need to submit a referral for their patients.