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URMC / Quality & Safety / Malpractice Differential

Malpractice Differential

We are pleased to offer again this year, for those insured through UR/MCIC, the opportunity to qualify for a 15% reduction of the 2025 malpractice premium relative to those who do not elect to take advantage of this program. The premiums affected by participation between January 1 and December 31, 2024 will be those billed during the next calendar year 2024.

As with the past 5 years,  qualifying activities are required - one from Part A and one from Part B. Please note, for Part A, this year's online High Reliability course will be available by August 1. ** An application must also be submitted to ensure you receive the premium differential **

Online Education (Part A) Qualifying Activity (Part B) Application                                  

About MCIC:

MCIC Vermont, Inc. (the “Medical Center Insurance Company”), is a “captive” insurance company owned by the University of Rochester, Johns Hopkins, New York Presbyterian/Cornell/Columbia, and Yale. Institutions and physicians who elect to insure for professional liability through a captive ultimately pay their own losses, based primarily on their own malpractice experience.

Risk Management Education:

Anything we do to decrease the risk of adverse events and malpractice suits not only benefits our patients, but reduces premiums over time. Our goal remains to encourage physicians to actively participate in risk management education and the behavior changes that should result. Ultimately this should reduce the risk to patients of potentially preventable adverse events, reduce the risk of a malpractice suit should an adverse event occur, and minimize the losses from any suit that can occur. As you may know, malpractice premium increases have moderated in the past few years (and actually have declined relative to other MCIC institutions at URMC), in parallel with increased patient safety efforts at URMC and elsewhere. In essence those who participate in this risk management education are funding their reduced premium through improvements in patient outcomes.