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URMC / Quality & Safety / Malpractice Differential / Step 2: Qualifying Activity

Step 2: Qualifying Activity (Part B)

Participate in at least one of the qualifying activities listed below (or view full list here). In general a didactic activity with the same content should not be used to qualify in consecutive years.

Registration links and updated information are at these links throughout the year.

Extranet site:

Intranet site: Malpractice Differential

First Year Activity / Prerequisite

For those who have never done so before, participation in a URMC TeamSTEPPS course is the required qualifying activity.

  1. Participation in a URMC TeamSTEPPS Fundamentals Course (only for those who have never participated in a TeamSTEPPS course before) – as the online “TeamSTEPPS 3.0” course available via MyPath.
  2. Participation in the 2 hour URMC “High Reliability for Providers: Avoiding Harm from Diagnostic Error” course.
    Expected weekday and Saturday dates in November or December.
    Register via MyPath
  3. Participation in the 2 hour URMC “Risk Management Seminar” course.
    Expected weekday and Saturday dates in November or December.
    Register via MyPath
  4. Participation in a completed URMC-sponsored ABMS Portfolio Program MOC (Maintenance of Certification) Part IV approved quality improvement effort with sufficient participation during 2024. Coordinate with Pat Reagan-Webster.
    1. Either a new approved project or an ongoing approved project, or
    2. PROMIS outcomes measurement with improvement cycles – to qualify for multiple years participation at higher PROMIS program levels needed, or
    3. The efforts of those with an ongoing formal leadership role in quality improvement and/or patient safety.

      Please note that this is NOT the same as individual ABMS Board MOC programs.
  5. Participation in the URMC Healthcare Safety: Building a High Reliability System certificate course and receiving a qualifying certificate by attending at least 8 of 11 sessions.
    Course begins September, 2024
  6. Participation in a URMC Fundamentals of Quality Improvement Course. Either part 1 on the Model for Improvement, or part 2 on Root Cause Analysis and Failure Modes & Effects Analysis.
    Dates to be announced likely in November. Register via MyPath
  7. Participation in a URMC Patient & Family Centered Care advanced training program – either individual coaching or sufficient attendance at PFCC programs (PFCC program certificate required)
  8. Participation in the Medical Faculty and Clinician Wellness Series and attending at least 5 different sessions during 2024 (Wellness Series CME certificate required).
  9. Participation in at least 4 hours of qualifying eRecord training/optimization activities and receiving a certificate. Contact Katherine Yatteau for more information.
  10. Participation in either a one or two day URMC Crucial Conversations Course (certificate required; note there is a fee).
    Find dates and register here.
  11. Participation in a UR Pursuing Excellence Leadership Program in 2024.
  12. Participated in this year’s “Staff Safety Education Program” – such as CPI Nonviolent Crisis Intervention level 4 face to face course.
  13. Being a featured presenter at a “Quality Circle” session and attending at least 3 of the scheduled 2024 sessions, validated by a meeting agenda and CME certificates.
  14. Participation in the AAMC 2024 “Teaching for Quality” virtual program.
  15. Participation in the UR Mindful Practice® in Medicine program with receipt of a certificate of completion.
  16. Participation in at least 50% of scheduled meetings of URMC-based MCIC initiative teams - Emergency Medicine, Obstetrics, Office Practice, Perioperative & Surgical Safety Initiative (PSSI), or PSSI Minimally Invasive Surgery sub-team, validated by meeting organizers.

    Options for Specific Services
  17. Participation in an approved Service Specific seminar or series with sufficient content on patient safety/risk management issues - e.g.:
    1. Anesthesiology ASA online program “Fundamentals of Patient Safety”,
    2. Critical Care - RQI (each year up to 2 years),
    3. GCH - Error Prevention training,
    4. Geriatrics - safety series,
    5. Hospital Medicine - Hospital Medicine Quality & Safety Rounds.
    6. Imaging - Backstop education & program participation at specified level,
    7. Medicine - Bias Reduction in Internal Medicine (BRIM) program,
    8. Orthopaedics - annual program,
    9. Otolaryngology - quality and safety program,
    10. Palliative Care - ACT program,
    11. Primary Care Network – annual risk management program,
    12. SIMORS - OR crisis simulation, or
    13. Spine Surgery - Multidisciplinary Complex Spine Surgery Conferences – at least 50% of scheduled conferences. This qualifying activity is in addition to the annual online Part A High Reliability education.

      Certificate or formal confirmation from program organizer required for each.
  18. Obstetrics: For those practicing Obstetrics this year again the only way to qualify will be successful completion in 2024 of the annually assigned Relias/GNOSIS Obstetrics course and participation in at least one multidisciplinary Obstetrics TeamSTEPPS-oriented Simulation at SMH or HH.
  19. For Neonatologists an alternative option to qualify includes participation during 2024 in at least 6 CME Fellows Conferences and participation in at least one multidisciplinary TeamSTEPPS-oriented Simulation along with Obstetrics participants at SMH or HH. Alternatively, Neonatologists may qualify through options above for any specialty.

    Equivalent Programs
  20. Successful completion of an equivalent face to face or online program of patient safety or risk management education, such as attendance at a specific conference at URMC or out of town with such content, with approval based on a sufficient safety or risk management focus of the program’s agenda, and with receipt of at least 4 hours of patient safety or risk management related AMA Category 1 CME credit. If advance assurance is desired that an equivalent program will qualify, please share the program description and agenda with Dr. Panzer.