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URMC / Sovie Center for Advanced Practice Providers

Sovie Center for Advanced Practice Providers

In July 2021, the APP’s (NP’s and PA’s) were established as their own department. This is an acknowledgement of the URMC organization understanding the breadth and depth of the APP group. There are currently over 1000 APP’s in various settings across the organization. This includes inpatient/outpatient/regional sites providing high quality care for all of our patients. The APP’s have become the backbone of many clinical programs through increase access for patients and collaboratively working with our physician and nursing colleagues.

As the Chief Advanced Practice Officer, I provide representation for the APP’s at the senior leadership level. I am able to advocate for our group as well as leverage the expertise of APP’s to assist in programmatic needs. As a department we are able to centralize and communicate out broadly to the entire group regarding pertinent information both clinically and administratively. It is an honor to serve in this capacity for a group of professional healthcare clinicians.

- Cheryl A. Lustik, N.P.

Cheryl Lustik
Cheryl A. Lustik, D.N.P.
Chief Advanced Practice Officer

Gregory Rosinski
Gregory W. Rosinski, P.A.-C.
Director of Advanced Practice