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Advanced Practice Provider Fellowship Programs

Mission Statement

At the University of Rochester, our mission is to develop and empower exceptional NPs and PAs through comprehensive and transformative fellowship programs. Our programs are designed to provide postgraduate NPs and PAs with an immersive and dynamic learning experience, equipping them with the necessary skills, knowledge, and confidence to excel in their respective specialties.

Through evidence-based education, mentorship, and hands-on clinical training, our fellowships seeks to cultivate clinical expertise, critical thinking, and leadership capabilities in our NP and PA fellows. We aim to foster a collaborative and interprofessional learning environment, where fellows engage with multidisciplinary teams, learn from seasoned practitioners, and contribute to improving patient outcomes.

As programs that are committed to excellence, we prioritize patient-centered care and ethical practice, emphasizing compassion, empathy, and respect for diverse patient populations. We are dedicated to instilling a commitment to lifelong learning and professional growth in our fellows, fostering a continuous pursuit of excellence in their careers.

Our ultimate goal is to produce proficient and well-rounded NPs and PAs who serve as advocates for their patients, drive innovation in healthcare, and make meaningful contributions to the advancement of their respective fields. By nurturing the development of capable and compassionate healthcare providers, our fellowship programs strives to positively impact the well-being of individuals and communities, advancing the quality of healthcare delivery and shaping the future of advanced practice.

"My fellowship experience is one that impacted my career in the most positive way. Orthopedics is always where I wanted to start my journey in the medical field, and this fellowship gave me the opportunity to experience every aspect of the specialty. The fellowship permitted me the opportunity to work with multiple providers in all the various components of orthopedics and to gain knowledge in each of them. This gave me the ability to make my decision in the career path I wanted to go forward with at University of Rochester Orthopedics."

Caitlyn Williams, P.A.

URMC Programs

APP Fellowship Benefits

  • APP fellows are offered full employee benefits including CME allowance and paid vacation.
  • The fellowship program includes certifications such as:
    • BLS
    • ACLS (as applicable)
    • PALS (as applicable)
    • Neonatal Resuscitation Program (NRP) (as applicable)
  • Upon successful completion of the program, fellows will potentially be offered full-time medical staff positions in the URMC.

Application Requirements

  • Fellowship applicants should be new graduate or early-career nurse practitioners or physician assistants with a strong interest in the practice specialty.
  • Applicants must be license-eligible in New York State.
  • A complete application includes a resume, cover letter, and two letters of recommendation from a clinical educator and faculty member.