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Stroke Treatment Alliance of Rochester of New York, a University of Rochester Medical Center (URMC) led community-wide initiative was formed to decrease the physical, psychosocial and economic burden of stroke in our community and to create a model program that can be replicated for other disease processes and in other communities.


STAR-NY, has been expanded to an UR initiative that encompasses patients and hospitals in the broader New York region. It remains an effort to create an efficient process of collaborative regional stroke care, providing all patients with cerebrovascular disease, quality benchmarked care, while engaging each health system to share outcomes and processes.

Goals of STAR-NY

STAR-NY's long term goal is to improve the delivery of timely, comprehensive and cost effective stroke care to all patients with cerebrovascular diseases in the community by:

  • Increasing acute intervention rates for Stroke
  • Increasing adherence to secondary stroke prevention guidelines to decrease secondary stroke incidence
  • Creating a regional data registry to share outcomes and practices amongst all member healthcare facilities

BrainThe success of STAR-NY will appeal to health systems and health plans, as a cohesive response system will raise the level of care delivery, improve long-term outcomes, and lower costs.

Successful outcomes of the STAR-NY project will also interest policy makers both local and national levels, to invest in replicating this exemplary model of stroke care for stroke as well as for other similar disease processes.