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Mindfulness for Educators

Many teachers will change the world

Program Description and Information

Educators in special education settings often experience high rates of stress and burnout. The Mindfulness for Educators Program (MEP) is designed to help address these concerns. MEP is available to groups of educators who are working with students with ASD and other developmental disabilities. It emphasizes strategies to understand the relationships among thoughts, feelings, and behaviors; to stay present in the moment; and to cultivate compassion for self and others. MEP can be requested by a district or an individual school, and it can be tailored to the needs of that group. For example, we can provide a two-hour session, a half-day or full-day workshop, or a series of sessions. These are provided at no cost.


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Funding Source

This project is supported through the Regional Centers for Autism Spectrum Disorder (RCASD), made possible by funding from the NYS Department of Education. Download our Rochester RCASD brochure.


School districts may request mindfulness education sessions at any time throughout the year.

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