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Levine Autism Clinic

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We provide comprehensive and coordinated care to children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Our team of experts monitors developmental progress, treats health problems associated with ASD, assesses and treats behavior problems, and ensures that families have needed resources and connection to community supports.

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We are an Autism Speaks - Autism Care Network site. This means we use a standard protocol for diagnosis and pay special attention to the health and behavioral difficulties experienced with ASD.

We provide careful evaluation based on the national standard of care for children suspected of having ASD. This includes

  • Review of Early Intervention or educational testing
  • Review of medical history
  • Observations from the school or therapy team
  • Caregiver interview
  • Standardized testing of the child using the Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule and other measures

After evaluation, we provide feedback to the family and a written report to the family and primary care provider that can be shared with others who are involved in the child's care.


Our team of developmental-behavioral pediatricians and pediatric nurse practitioners provides ongoing specialty care to children with ASD and other developmental disabilities. They monitor developmental progress and help the child's primary care provider treat health and behavior problems associated with the child's disability.

Children and teens with ASD often have physical and mental health challenges that make daily life challenging. Our team of experts works closely with each child's primary care provider and other specialists to make sure all of these needs are met. Specialists in Child Neurology and Pediatric Behavioral Health and Wellness share our space, allowing for daily collaboration. We also coordinate with other specialists such as Sleep Medicine, Pediatric Gastroenterology, and Pediatric Allergy.  

Challenging Behavior

Behavior difficulties are very common in children with ASD. Our Behavior team has expertise in treating children with ASD and behavior problems like tantrums, aggression, anxiety, and repetitive behaviors. We teach parents ways to help teach their child skills and ways to reduce disruptive behavior. We also work directly with children using a variety of strategies depending on the child's needs.


Feeding problems are very common in children with ASD. Our feeding team evaluates and treats children with food refusal, extreme selectivity, and mealtime behavior problems. We address developmental needs, medical and nutritional needs, behavioral status, and oral motor skills.

Autism Family Navigation

Call (585) 273-4513

Our family navigator works with families to understand the diagnosis and how to help their child. We connect families with mentors and help them understand educational and community systems that they will need to work with. We provide information on community organizations and link families to supports and services.

Si quiere hablar en español con una de nuestras Family Navigators, puede llamar al (585) 273-4513. ​

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