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Mindfulness for Parents

Mind Full, or Mindful? Image of a parent and child holding hands.

Program Description and Information

The Mindfulness for Parents Program (MFP) is designed to help parents of children with ASD learn strategies to address stress, anxiety, and distress. The program is group-based (approximately 10-15 participants). It emphasizes learning ways to stay present, acceptance, and taking control of your mind, instead of letting thoughts run away with you. Participants practice these skills through in-session exercises, such as guided meditation and gentle movement activities. The program involves 4 weekly sessions of about 2 hours each. The program is free, and parking validation is provided.


Contact Information


Funding Source

This project is supported through the Regional Centers for Autism Spectrum Disorder (RCASD), made possible by funding from the NYS Department of Education.


Groups are generally run annually in the spring.

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