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Frequently Asked Questions

Call your surgeon’s office and the surgical center at (585) 275-8256.
Call your surgeon’s office with the symptoms you have.
Please inform us if language/American Sign language assistance is required for you or your contact person before, during, or after surgery. Interpreters are provided free of charge. Once you know your surgery date, call Strong Memorial Social Services at (585) 275-4778 to request an interpreter on the day of surgery. We encourage you to use the hospitals’ interpreter services and not family members.

Take only the medications indicated on the preoperative medication list or those your surgeon asks you to take. If you have not received any medication instructions, please contact your surgeon’s office or Primary Care Physician (PCP) 3-5 days prior to surgery. Medications should only be taken with one (1) ounce of water.

Any herbal supplements need to be held 5-7 days prior to surgery. Check with your surgeon’s office if you have a concern.

Please call the Ambassadors at the Information Desk for assistance at (585) 275-2182. They will arrange wheelchair assistance and/or courtesy cart transportation for patients, families, and visitors.

Electrical equipment may be used during your surgery that can react with any jewelry and cause a (potential) burn on your skin. Jewelry in the mouth (tongue ring, lip ring) can become loose and enter into your airway if it is not removed before surgery.

The staff will offer family members periodic updates on the patient’s progress and recovery. After the recovery room, once your family member is settled into their room, they are allowed one or two people over the age of 14 to visit.
On the day of surgery, you may have one or two people over the age of 14 with you until your surgery.
Children under 14 are not permitted.
Strong Memorial Hospital offers coffee, food, and dining services. The cafeteria is located on the main level of the hospital. There are two coffee shops and a gift shop located on the main level of the hospital.
There are many hotels and lodging options for family members and friends who are traveling from out of town who plan on staying in town after your surgery. Two main facilities include the B. Thomas Golisano Hope Hospitality House and RIT Inn & Conference Center. Please call URMC Hotel & Lodging Services for any questions at (585) 275-7581.
If you would like a chaplain prior to your surgery, notify your surgeon’s office a few days in advance of your surgery date.
No. Any patient who requires sedation for a procedure must be driven home by a responsible adult over the age of 18. This is a safety procedure strictly adhered to for your benefit. Nursing staff will determine when you can go home safely. You will not be permitted to drive for a minimum of 24 hours after surgery.
There are all-gender restrooms, women's restrooms, men's restrooms, and family restrooms located throughout the hospital, including two restrooms in the surgical center’s waiting room.