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Waiting Rooms

Waiting RoomsWaiting for the outcome of a loved one’s medical procedure or event is often a time of anticipation and anxiety. Strong Memorial Hospital offers numerous waiting rooms to provide you with a quiet and private environment during your wait.

Your patient’s physician will call your waiting room after the procedure to give family and friends an update. If you leave the area, please notify the receptionist of where you are going and approximately how long you will be gone. By doing so you will help the physician and receptionist maintain timely communications with you.

We want to provide comfort for everyone. Each waiting room provides a unique environment with its own rules so please take a moment to ask the attendant at the Information Desk in the main lobby or the unit nurse if there is anything specific that you should know. For safety reasons young children may not be left unsupervised in any waiting room at any time.

Family Waiting Rooms

If you’re the friend or family member of a patient who is staying at Strong Memorial Hospital for more than one day you will be directed to one of the Family Waiting Rooms. Located on every floor these are rooms where families can relax, eat and be together while they wait.

The Family Waiting Room located off the main lobby offers books, magazines and board games to help pass the time. Complimentary coffee, tea and hot chocolate are provided by Friends of Strong. Donations are accepted.

Strong Surgical Center Waiting Room

If you’re the friend or family member of a patient who is having a same day (outpatient) or same day and overnight procedure, you will be directed to one of the Strong Surgical Center Waiting Rooms. These are located on the basement level and second floor. For your convenience you’ll be directed to the one nearest where your loved one is scheduled to have surgery. To help maintain a quiet environment we ask that only one or two family members use the waiting room while their loved one is having surgery. No children under the age of 12 are allowed as visitors.

Golisano Children’s Hospital

Please follow this link for information on the waiting rooms for Golisano Children’s Hospital.