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Our Team

Under the expertise of the University of Rochester Clinical & Translational Science Institute (UR CTSI), the Surgical Health Outcomes Research & Reaching for Equity (SHORE) is a center designed to develop new and enhance existing research efforts through one integrated, multi-disciplinary program. This Enterprise will identify the most effective ways to organize, manage, finance, and deliver high-quality care, while reducing medical errors, controlling costs, and improving patient safety.


Anapaula Cupertino, PhD
Anapaula Cupertino, Ph.D.
Research Director

Resident Fellows


Anthony Loria, M.D.

"Anthony Loria has an interest in colorectal surgery, perioperative care, and long-term outcomes following intestinal resections"




Totadri Dhimal

Totadri Dhimal, M.D.

"Totadri Dhimal has an interest in exploring the intersection of cancer screening, health care disparities and peri-operative care, and their profound impact on patient outcome"





Bailey Hilty, MD

 “Bailey is interested in studying surgical shared-decision making, healthcare delivery and inequity, and surgical outcomes”


Faculty Partnerships



  • Ila Marianetti
  • Arlette Chavez
  • Shan Gao