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Our division performs a full-range of procedures for colorectal disease. In short, if you need a particular surgery, you can trust that one of our surgeons is experienced in performing it.

It is also important to note that we do many advanced procedures that are not available at other area centers. This gives you more options, so you can receive care that is truly customized to you.

Furthermore, we are adept at performing surgeries in a manner that gives you the best possible quality of life after recovery.

Colon cancer screening. We offer the region’s most experienced colonoscopy specialists as well as the most advanced, high-definition equipment.

Colorectal Physiology. Our Colorectal Physiology Center, the only center of its kind within 450 miles, provides the most advanced diagnostics and therapies available for bowel incontinence.

Minimally invasive procedures. Our surgeons are able to perform many surgeries in a minimally invasive manner—in some cases with just a single incision—helping to decrease pain, speed recovery and reduce scarring.

Ostomy services. We offer the area’s only Ostomy Clinic, where nurses with specialized experience provide helpful, compassionate care to patients with ostomies.

Robotic surgery. Our surgeons are able to perform many surgeries with robotic assistance, for smaller incisions, less post-operative pain and faster recovery.

Sacral nerve stimulation for bowel incontinence. We were the first center in the nation to implant the InterStim® device, which stimulates the sacral nerves to improve bowel control in patients with fecal incontinence.

Sphincter-sparing procedures. We are experienced in performing surgeries that help patients to avoid a permanent colostomy.

TEMS. We are a national leader in Transanal Endoscopic Microsurgery, an advanced technique for the removal of rectal tumors that improves quality of life and enables patients to frequently return home the day after surgery.