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Project Portfolios

The Surgical Value Incubator program is dedicated to enhancing value across the five phases of surgical care. We design and implement projects that are strategically aligned with these phases, ensuring a comprehensive approach to improving surgical outcomes and patient experiences while decreasing cost. By analyzing data, collaborating with healthcare professionals, and employing evidence-based practices, our initiatives aim to elevate the standards of care in each phase, fostering continuous improvement and ensuring that our projects directly contribute to surgical quality improvement themes.


Five Phases of Surgical Care

Five Phases of Surgical Care, from left to right: Preoperative; Perioperative; Intraoperative; Postoperative; Post-Discharge


Value Incubator: Surgical Quality Improvement

Completed and In-Progress Projects: De-Implementation (Lab Reduction, CXR Reduction, and OR Waste Reduction projects); Care Variation (Chest Tube Management project); Care Coordination (Duramorph Patient Flow project); Quality and Value Analysis (Endomechanicals project); Health Information (Surgical QA Dashboard project). Future Projects (2024 and beyond): De-Implementation (Department of Surgery Lab Reduction project); Care Variation (Verification Program project); Care Coordination (ICU Transfers and Minimizing ED Visits projects); Quality and Value Analysis (Surgical Cost Reports project); Health Information (The Role of IA: Increased Scheduling Efficiency, and Quantify Unplanned Returns to OR)

Project Status as of January 2024

Project List Baseline Data Project Planning Pilot Launch Pilot Data & Dashboard Monitoring Disseminating
Think Twice Projects

(Drs. Cannon, Nabozny, Lada)

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Quality Dashboard

(Elizabeth Levatino)

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Green OR

(Dr. Reavey)

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Endomechanicals check check check check    
PICU and PCC Lab Reduction

(Drs. Darcy, Wakeman)

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Chest Tube Management

(Drs. Nabozny, Vella)

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Duramorph Patient Management

(Dr. Prasad)

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