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The Surgical Value Incubator team consists of surgeons, surgical trainees, quality experts, data science experts, and administrators, who meet every 4-6 weeks. Members are aligned, engaged and ready to disseminate projects across the department, initiate new projects and participate in defining true value in surgery.

As a multidisciplinary team, the Surgical Value Incubator can collaborate with departments such as Operations Excellence, Quality Institute, ISD, Finance, Laboratory, Imaging, etc.

Dr. Juviler

"The Value Incubator gives residents a space to employ the quality improvement tools we learn from our QI curriculum and contribute to improving our hospital system. Resources, consistency, and mentorship provided by the Value Incubator's structure strengthen resident improvement and research abilities."

~ Peter Juviler, M.D.

"When you are a resident, it can be challenging to feel like you have the opportunity to improve the system within which you work. However, when I identified a clinical issue of excessive lab test ordering as a first-year resident, the Value Incubator connected me to an amazing team of experienced mentors and project experts who helped me transform one idea into a shift in system-wide practices. The Value Incubator has greatly improved the value of care for surgical patients, while also making me feel like my voice was heard."

~ Yatee Dave, M.D.

"This has been a fantastic experience during my dedicated research time in developing skills in quality, multi-disciplinary collaboration, and effective project management. I would encourage junior residents to utilize this platform to develop skills and positively impact patient care."

~ Matthew Byrne, M.D., Surgery PGY3

ASCRS Annual Scientific Meeting

Executive Sponsor

David Linehan, M.D.

Value Incubator Members

  • Peter Juviler, M.D. (Resident)
  • Yatee Dave, M.D. (Resident)
  • Matthew Byrne, M.D. (Resident)
  • James Butterfield, M.D. (Resident)
  • Nicholas Searcy, M.D. (Resident)
  • Ariana Goodman, M.D. (Resident)
  • Paul Burchard, M.D. (Resident)
  • Alexa Melucci, M.D. (Resident)
  • Bailey Hilty, M.D. (Resident)
  • Mariah Erlick (Medical Student)
  • Noah Tsao (Medical Student)
  • Sarah Wegman (Medical Student)
  • Elizabeth Levatino, B.S.N., R.N.
  • Al LaVigueur, MBA 
  • Angela Iacchetta, MBA
  • Pam Urban, MHA
  • Patrick Ward, MBA (ISD)
  • Jack (John) Bramley, MS (Quality Institute)
  • Irena P. Boyce, Ph.D. (Quality Institute)
  • Carrie A. Steiner, PMP (Operations Excellence)
  • Adam Anolik, Chief Financial Officer