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URMC / University of Rochester Aging Institute / Community Collaboration

Vital Living: Community Collaboration

URMC’s strategic plan states that ‘Above all, we place our highest value on people’.

Two seniors smilingThe Vital Living arm of the URAI focuses on the older adult themselves and the Rochester community.  The URAI's focus on Vital Living will develop evidence-based evaluations and lifestyle interventions that promote vitality in aging and empower older adults to achieve healthful longevity; create new community partnerships that optimize quality of life, engagement and health; involve older adults as both teachers and learners and establish Rochester as a model Age-Friendly University and Community.

We encourage and facilitate partnerships for research, interdisciplinary training, and care between URMC and community providers and agencies.  

Community Resources & Partners

Partner with us to make Rochester, NY the ideal place to age well!

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