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About Us

Doctor and senior: Caring, Knowldege, Experience​​Approved by the University Trustees in November 2019, the University of Rochester Aging Institute aims to connect community programs, educators, clinicians, and researchers to the aging-related resources they need.

Meaningful connections have had extraordinary impact across the University of Rochester—advancing clinical care, enhancing trainees’ learning experiences, and providing mutually beneficial research partnerships.

Our Mission

Our mission is to promote vitality in aging by transforming care and communities through discovery, learning, collaboration and innovation.

Our Vision

Our vision is, "With vitality and resilience, aging adults have the power to thrive."

What Does It Mean to Age with Vitality?

The Medical Center’s strategic plan states, “We will empower patients with the knowledge to defy their genetic limits and achieve healthful longevity”—this is exactly what it means. The Aging Institute is committed to promoting health, independence, and engagement, enabling all of us to live our best lives.