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Promoting Vitality in Aging through discovery, collaboration and innovation. 

More About the Institute

The University of Rochester Aging Institute

UR Aging Institute: Vital Living, Care & Discovery

The University of Rochester Aging Institute (URAI) is a University-wide initiative that integrates existing aging-related strengths and expertise, spanning a myriad of departments, schools and research centers across campuses, including research, patient care, education and community outreach. We aim to empower patients to achieve healthful longevity by promoting vitality, health, independence, and engagement of all adults as they age through collaboration, discovery and innovation.

The URAI provides a framework for collaboration related to three pillars of strength across the entire University and Greater Rochester region:

  • Vital Discovery: Research
  • Vital Care: Age-Friendly Health Services
  • Vital Living: Community Collaboration

What Does It Mean to Age with Vitality?

The Medical Center’s strategic plan states, “We will empower patients with the knowledge to defy their genetic limits and achieve healthful longevity”—this is exactly what it means. The Aging Institute is committed to promoting health, independence, and engagement, enabling all of us to live our best lives.

The University of Rochester Aging Institute extends our institution’s legacy of helping humanity "not only to add years to our life, but to add life to our years."