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Geriatric Faculty Scholars

What is a Geriatric Faculty Scholar?

This prestigious grant is awarded to current junior URMC faculty with a specific interest in inter-professional geriatric education and practice. Throughout the calendar year, these faculty members will work with a mentor in the Division of Geriatrics & Aging to create and implement a geriatric education program within their own Division or Department. Each project is designed to promote an Age Friendly Health System and integrate the 4Ms and geriatric principles into other specialties. This program is designed to:

  • Develop faculty with an interest in gerontology and geriatrics who create innovative programs that improve the care of older adults by increasing the geriatric knowledge and skill of physicians, nurses, and allied health professionals at various levels of training and professional development, from students to senior faculty.
  • Promote inter-specialty and inter-professional training and collaboration to improve the quality and safety of older adult care throughout UR Medicine.


Geriatric Faculty Scholars, 2023-2024

April A. Haberyan, PhD, MS, RN, CNE

Associate Professor of Clinical Nursing, Co-Director APNN Program, University of Rochester School of Nursing

As Co-Director of the Accelerated Bachelor’s in Nursing Program (ABSN), Dr. Haberyan will conduct a needs assessment of the current ABSN curriculum to identify gaps related to the care of older adults.  She will infuse the 4Ms Framework of an Age-Friendly Healthcare System (AFHS) into one course each semester, including a proposed project in which students would apply aspects from the 4Ms Framework to older adults from diverse backgrounds and clinical settings. Faculty development opportunities will also be included to assist with integration of the 4Ms Framework and AFHS into the curriculum. Her goal is to learn more about gerontology and develop geriatric educational content for students enrolled in the accelerated program leading to national dissemination.

Michael T. Rosario-McCabe, EdD, RN, CCM

Assistant Professor of Clinical Nursing, RN to BS Program Director, University of Rochester School of Nursing

As Director of the University of Rochester School of Nursing (SON) RN-BS Completion Program, Dr. Rosario-McCabe plans to assess the current curriculum to identify gaps related to psychosocial and health care needs of older adults using the 4Ms Framework of an Age-Friendly Health System (AFHS). He plans to implement faculty development and integrate the 4Ms Framework and AFHS into at least 3 of the core nursing courses. Evaluation data will also be collected. This award will allow Dr. Rosario-McCabe to become a geriatric education leader as well as improve the education of faculty, staff, and students in SON to meet the needs of older adults.

Matthew H. Taylor, MD

Assistant Professor, Division of Nephrology Department of Medicine, University of Rochester School of Medicine & Dentistry

With a passion for clinical education Dr. Taylor seeks opportunities to learn and share that knowledge with others. As a nephrologist, he has a specific interest in the care of the older adult with advanced kidney disease and the challenges of medical decision making.  Combining the two interests under this award will allow Dr. Taylor fill a gap in the current curriculum for Renal Fellows. His goal is to create a curriculum in geriatric nephrology rooted in the 4Ms and Age Friendly Healthcare System (AFHS) with a self-evaluation component. This award will facilitate the establishment of geriatric nephrology care at URMC.

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For more information about the Geriatric Faculty Scholar program, contact Annette Medina Walpole via email or at 585-760-6354.