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Geriatric Faculty Scholars

What is a Geriatric Faculty Scholar?

This prestigious challenge grant is awarded to current junior URMC faculty with a specific interest in inter-professional geriatric education and practice. Throughout the calendar year, these faculty members will work with a mentor in the Division of Geriatrics & Aging to create and implement a geriatric education program within their own program. Each project is designed to promote and integrate geriatric principles into other specialties. This program is designed to:

  • Develop faculty with an interest in gerontology and geriatrics who create innovative programs that improve the care of older adults by increasing the geriatric knowledge and skill of physicians, nurses, and allied health professionals at various levels of training and professional development, from students to senior faculty.
  • Promote inter-specialty and inter-professional training and collaboration to improve the quality and safety of older adult care throughout UR Medicine.

Current Geriatric Faculty Scholars

Courtney Jones, PhD, MPH

As a Geriatric Faculty Scholar, Dr. Jones will bring content expertise in both the field of geriatric emergency medicine and in the common concerns and issues specific to the older adult ED patient.  Currently, Emergency Medicine residents do not currently receive structured didactic education on common geriatric syndromes (e.g., prevention of delirium) or evidenced-based guidelines for evaluating common geriatric chief complaints (e.g., fall risk assessment). Dr. Jones will incorporate Geri-EM, a freely available validated online learning tool designed specifically to teach emergency medicine physicians about provision of optimal care for geriatric ED patients ( into the academic learning environment for Emergency Medicine residents.

Caroline Thirukumaran, MBBS, MHA, PhD

Dr. Thirukumaran’s goal as a Geriatric Faculty Scholar is to generate knowledge that will favorably influence the care of Geriatric-Orthopaedic patients at UR. Her project will focus on the prospective identification of High-Need, High-Cost patients in Orthopaedics using risk scores, so that policy and practice interventions can then be preventively targeted towards them. Moreover, with the current UR emphasis on co-management of geriatric surgical patients, she anticipates that this new knowledge will help in understanding several of the complex issues related to this population, and it can be directly translated into training materials for current and future clinicians. Dr. Thirukumaran recently won the Presidential Poster Award  for her work at the American Geriatrics Society 2018 Annual Scientific Meeting.

Dr. Thirukumaran at AGS

All Geriatric Faculty Scholars: Geriatric Faculty Scholars

For more information about the Geriatric Faculty Scholar program, contact Thomas Caprio at 585-760-6364.