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Palliative Care in NYS

The Collaborative for Palliative Care, End of Life Choices New York, and the Finger Lakes Geriatric Education Center (FLGEC) have created a FREE resource booklet, Palliative Care in New York State.

We are pleased to share this informational booklet “PALLIATIVE CARE IN NEW YORK STATE” from the Collaborative for Palliative Care with its partners End of Life Choices New York and the Finger Lakes Geriatrics Education Center at the University of Rochester. The information is based upon New York State law and Department of Health guidance. This is valuable information for you and your loved ones about palliative and end-of-life care and advance care planning.

Download the booklet: Palliative Care in New York State

Palliative Care in NYS - Cover Art by Peter Sparks

Topics include:

  • Patient Health Care Rights
  • What is Palliative Care?
  • The Palliative Care Access Act and the Palliative Care Information Act - how do these laws protect me and my loved one?
  • What is the MOLST?
  • What is Hospice?
  • The benefits of advanced care planning

For more information, please contact:

Thomas V. Caprio, MD
FLGEC, Director
University of Rochester
435 East Henrietta Rd.
Rochester, NY 14620
P (585) 760-6364
F (585) 760-6376