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Bridge to Practice

"Bridge to Practice" models have been used extensively in several career fields (e.g. nursing, law) to bolster the exposure to and infusion of knowledge where known educational gaps exist.  The Finger Lakes Geriatric Education Center (FLGEC) seeks to eliminate gaps in geriatric knowledge through several activities, supplementing clinical, team-based practice.  In addition to Grand Rounds, Journal Club and the Geriatric Assessment Clinic, the FLGEC offers:

The Geriatric Immersion Experience (GIMME)

Twice each year, inter-professional health care practitioners attend an evening seminar specifically designed to train URMC Hospitalists, subspecialty providers & health care leaders the principles of geriatric care. The next GIMME will be held on Friday June 23, 2023 via Zoom.  Contact Laura Robinson via email for more information or to register.


Ger-E-News are created by our Geriatric Fellows to expand the confidence, knowledge and skill set of new health practitioners, who may have little experience in the field of geriatrics.  Each issue will focus on one topic, highlighting recent research, translation to practice, references, and/or a brief case study.

Project ECHO® in Geriatrics

The Extension for Community Healthcare Outcomes (ECHO®) is an innovative model that was developed at the University of New Mexico by Dr. Sanjeev Arora to improve access to complex chronic disease and specialty care in underserved communities through the use of videoconferencing technology. Several ECHO clinics are available through the University of Rochester. A difficult case is presented in a structured format followed by guided discussion and recommendations by the specialty team. A short didactic presentation is also provided as well as continuing education credits.

ECHO Geriatric Mental Health in Long Term Care (GEMH)

ECHO GEMH aims to increase skills, knowledge, and self-efficacy of long-term care clinicians in their management of older adults with behavioral health and dementia care needs. This ECHO clinic meets every two weeks during the academic year. To join this ECHO, email David Jacobowitz, Project Coordinator for ECHO® Geriatric Mental Health in Long Term Care (GEMH)

Contact Us

For more information on any of these activities, contact Laura M. Robinson at 585-760-6380 or via email.