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Current Scholars

Phu T. Duong, Ph.D.
Phu Duong, Ph.D.
Research Interest: Duong studies the role of epigenetics in zebrafish fin regeneration and is working to decipher the developmental roles of various cell types in fins using mutant zebrafish that do not express genes affecting histone H2A.Z, which is involved in transcriptional control and DNA repair. 
Lok Ming (Tom) Tam Ph.D.
Lok Ming (Tom) Tam, Ph.D.
Research Interest: Tam is currently resolving the molecular mechanisms underlying the latent methylmercury toxicity in a  Drosophila fruit fly model. Specifically, he is interested in delineating how early life exposure to methylmercury leads to adverse health outcomes later in life.
Athena Willis, Ph.D.
Athena Willis, Ph.D.

Research Interest: Willis is investigating the role of semantics in multisensory perception, utilizing high density electroencephalography techniques with human populations.