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Current Scholars

Joshua Butler
Joshua Butler, M.D., M.H.I.
Research Interest: Butler investigates the length of stay and readmission rates in deaf/hard-of-hearing (D/HH) patients who were hospitalized for treatments to identify causal relationships to explain healthcare inequalities in the D/HH population.
Michelle Carr, Ph.D.
Michelle Carr, Ph.D.
Research Interest: Carr uses polysomnographic recording during overnight or nap periods, and quantitative analysis of EEG to assess sleep and dream psychophysiology, particularly in the Deaf. She is also interested in dream engineering—applying technology to manipulate sleep and dreams to benefit memory, creativity, wellbeing, or physical health and rehabilitation.
Phu T. Duong, Ph.D.
Phu Duong, Ph.D.
Research Interest: Duong studies the role of epigenetics in zebrafish fin regeneration and is working to decipher the developmental roles of various cell types in fins using mutant zebrafish that do not express genes affecting histone H2A.Z, which is involved in transcriptional control and DNA repair.