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URMC / BHP / BHP Blog / April 2016 / Managing Work-Related Stress

Managing Work-Related Stress

Everyone feels stress at work from time to time, even if they like their job. But, long-term stress can be harmful to both your physical and emotional well-being. Since you can’t always avoid stressful situations at work, here are steps you can take to help manage work-related stress in your life:

  • Track your stressors – Keep a journal to help identify stressful situations and your response to them
  • Develop healthy responses – Make constructive choices to help combat the stress in your life, such as exercise
  • Establish boundaries – It can be tempting to check work email outside of work hours but this can add to work-life conflict stress
  • Take time to recharge – Stepping away from your desk for your lunch break or using your vacation time provides you with the opportunity to disconnect from work and step back in refreshed
  • Learn how to relax – Meditation, breathing exercises, and mindfulness are great ways to decrease your stress
  • Talk to your supervisor – Share workplace stress and come up with solutions together to manage those stressors
  • Get support – Reach out to friends and family for support. Additional resources are available through Behavioral Health Partners and Employee Assistance Program.

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Steven P Brown | 4/4/2016

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