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When a Patient is Admitted

Our goal is to help injured patients recover as fully, quickly, and comfortably as possible. That means caring for the whole person, not just the damaged tissue. We focus not only on medical and surgical procedures, but also on the broad range of physical, social, and psychological issues that accompany traumatic injuries.

Seconds Count

Because time is the critical and a determining factor in the outcome of burn and trauma patients, we’re set up to streamline and speed all aspects of the initial treatment process.

As soon as a burn or trauma patient arrives, whether by ambulance or helicopter, we evaluate him or her in our Emergency Department.

Each of our current 7 emergency bays is fully equipped with a complete array of state-of-the-art equipment, including:

  • In-room x-ray and ultrasound machines
  • The latest wound care materials
  • Warming equipment
  • A dedicated CAT scan in the emergency department for trauma patients

Moving Patients from the Emergency Department

Once the patient is evaluated and stabilized, we transport him or her in our extra-wide elevators that accommodate all the necessary equipment and staff (located right outside of the Emergency Department) to an operating room or to the Inpatient Unit on the 3rd floor. Not a moment is wasted.

We continue to follow and care for our patients throughout the entire recovery and rehabilitation process—until he or she is back to work or normal daily activities.