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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion is of paramount importance to the Wilmot Cancer Institute, the University of Rochester Medical Center, and the entire University of Rochester. In conjunction with the university, Wilmot has a bold equity and anti-racism action plan to cultivate a culture and climate of diversity, equity and inclusion, through research, education and training, clinical care, and community engagement. Wilmot is committed to creating an open and collaborative environment for our providers and researchers and a place where all of our patients will receive the best possible care.

Jonathan Friedberg, MD, MMSc., Wilmot Director

Wilmot's commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion is critical to reducing the burden of cancer for many members of the population.

The Wilmot Cancer Institute is committed to leaving no patient behind by promoting and providing equitable access to state-of-the-art cancer care and the advances resulting from cancer research to all patients, ensuring that cancer care inequities are reduced and ultimately eliminated.

Cancer research and cancer care require a diverse range of skills and viewpoints. Diversity creates more robust cancer science through enriched perspectives and is critical to reducing the burden of cancer for underserved, marginalized and vulnerable populations. We will work tirelessly to increase the diversity in the pool of trainees, clinicians, and scientists in an effort to overcome the challenges that result from socioeconomic barriers, and the limited engagement of racially and ethnically diverse populations in clinical trials that contribute to disparities in cancer care and research.

Wilmot's Plan to Enhance DEI Excellence

Establish  best
 Practices  for recruitment and retention

  • Formal training to recognize and rectify adverse beliefs, biases and behaviors; and to adopt practices that are consistent with DEI values.
  • Establish forum for conversation and feedback about DEI and workplace culture.

Support Careers and Leadership Opportunities

  • Partner with the Office of Recruitment Operations and Strategic Talent Acquisition to promote best practices in recruitment.
  • Utilize faculty recruitment committees with diverse representation.
  • Encourage under-represented minorities be interviewed for open faculty positions.

Cultivate a Workplace Culture of DEI Excellence

  • Include trainees and early career faculty in DEI council.
  • Support women and under-represented minorities in leadership training and development.
  • Ensure transparent processes for candidate selection for Wilmot leadership opportunities.

Accountability and measure progress in dei metrics

  • Develop and implement DEI performance reporting on training, recruitment, retention, promotion and the culture climate.
  • Promote availability of and access to institutional online information about DEI reporting and resources.