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DEI Staff

Without a change in the existing culture and an intentional focus on the diversity of Wilmot's healthcare team to promote cultural, racial, gender, and ethnic sensitivity, we will never effect change to eliminate cancer disparities. Wilmot is dedicated to addressing these challenges by enhancing our supportive culture and dismantling the policies that drive these disparities.

M. Patricia Rivera, MD, Associate Director, DEI

Our DEI Staff

M. Patricia Rivera, MD

M. Patricia Rivera, MD,
Associate Director, DEI

Allison Manguson, DO

Allison Magnuson, DO, MS,
Assistant Director, DEI

Talitha-Koumi Oluwafemi

Talitha-Koumi Oluwafemi, MS.Ed.,
DEI Program Manager

Diversity Statement

In alignment with the NIH’s Diversity Statement and the URMC’s Equity & Antiracism Plan, Wilmot is committed to enhancing collective advocacy, assessment, accountability and awareness of DEI best practices.

The University of Rochester Medical Center aspires to make every person feel safe, welcome, and supported at all times; to be a place where everyone, regardless of identity or challenges they face, is lifted up to become their best and healthiest selves; to serve as a powerful force for eliminating racism, division, and exclusion in our communities and beyond.