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Golisano Children's Hospital / Adolescent Medicine / Adolescent Primary Care (Teen Tot)

Adolescent Primary Care (Teen Tot)

The Adolescent Primary Care Clinic provides regular medical care to adolescents and young adults from age 10 to 21. Our services include school, sports, and work physicals, reproductive health care, and screening for sexually transmitted diseases. We also make referrals to specialists as needed.

We also see adolescents who have children of their own—the Teen/Tot Clinic. Thus, the adolescent and their child(ren) have the same healthcare provider and can be seen at the same time.

Our Policy

We see adolescents who come in with their parents, or who come in alone. When parents come as well, the doctor will meet with the whole family first and then will meet with the adolescent alone to talk and then to perform the physical exam.

We want teens to feel comfortable talking openly with their doctor, so we will observe patient/doctor confidentiality unless the adolescent is in danger. In this case, the provider will share information with the adolescent's family.

Clinic Information

In case of illness, health care providers are available every day to treat patients. To make an appointment for yourself or your child, please call (585) 275-2821. After hours, if you become sick or a problem arises, please call (585) 275-2821. The call will be forwarded to the doctor on call.

Clinic Location

We're located in the 6th Floor Ambulatory Care Building (AC-6)—adjacent to the parking garage.