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Inpatient Consults

How Do I Get a Consult?

Your team or your baby's team will call our Breastfeeding Medicine service for you. To schedule the time of the visit, please call 276-MILK (6455). You may also receive a call from our secretary to schedule the visit.

What Can I Expect from My Consult?

A provider with advanced training in breastfeeding medicine will come to your room or your baby's room and meet with you one-on-one. She will do a breast exam and and give your baby a physical exam. She will then discuss your concerns and you will work together to create a plan to meet your breastfeeding goals. A consult before birth takes about 20-30 minutes and a consult after birth takes about 30-60 minutes. We will send a summary of your visit to your prenatal office and the baby's pediatrician.

How Will the Consult Be Billed?

Your insurance will be billed directly. Consults before birth will be billed to the mother's insurance. Consults after birth will be billed to the baby's insurance. If the mother needs lab work or medicatios, they will be billed to the mother's insurance. If you have questions about your coverage, please call your insurance company.

Who Will Get Information About My Consult?

Your obstetric team and your baby's pediatric team will get information about the consult.  All consults are put into electronic medical record for both mother and baby - and are visible to any provider that you see in the UR Medicine System. If you would like us to share your information with another provider, please notify us.

If you have been discharged and your baby is admitted, then the provider that took care of your pregnancy will be sent a copy of the consult note. If there is information you don't want shared, please let us know at the time of the consult.