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Diagnostic Evaluation Service

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Diagnostic evaluations for children suspected of having a developmental disability are provided to identify the possible causes of developmental delays and assist families in understanding their child’s behavior and development. Our recommendations may help your family, primary care provider, and educational system in implementing interventions.

Mother and Child Talking to a Doctor

Who Will Evaluate Your Child?

Evaluations may be provided by a developmental pediatrician, clinical psychologist, or pediatric nurse practitioner in Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics (formerly known as the Kirch Developmental Services Center) on Elmwood Avenue. Please review our intake process to learn what steps you must take.

Your Child's Initial Evaluation

Initial evaluations may last anywhere from 1½ to 4 hours depending on the type and number of providers your child will see. Come prepared with toys or activities your child enjoys, and snacks and comfort items that will help your child pass the time.

We recommend bringing a second adult, either a parent or a support person. Having a second adult present can help ensure all your questions are answered. This may also allow for one adult to take the child out of the room, if necessary, for breaks or while information is shared with the parent or caregiver.

Try to avoid bringing siblings or other children. This often makes it difficult for parents or caregivers to fully hear and understand information given by the evaluator.

After Your Child's Evaluation

You and your child's primary care provider will receive a typed copy of our provider's impressions and recommendations. The time that it takes to produce this report may vary. Please keep the evaluation report for your records and for future reference. Families may also choose to share the report or recommendations with the child’s educational team or others who work with the child.

Some children receive only one evaluation, then receive all follow-up and treatment through their primary care provider and/or school. Others regularly return for ongoing care. This process should be discussed with the provider conducting your child’s evaluation.

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