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Going to the Dentist

  • Dentist standing next to a chair

    Today, I am going to the dentist. The dentist helps keep my teeth clean and healthy.

  • Patient playing with toys

    First, I will check in at the front desk.

    Then I will wait in the waiting room until it is my turn. I will wait quietly. There are fun toys to play with!

    When my name is called, I will walk down a hallway to see the dentist.

  • Big chair

    The dentist will ask me to lie down in a big chair. The chair can go up and down. I will lay still.

  • Goggles

    The dentist has to wear a mask, gloves, and glasses to look at my teeth.

    I will wear a special bib when I am lying down in the chair. This helps keep my clothes clean.

  • Light bulb

    The dentist will turn on a bright light to see inside my mouth. If this light hurts, I can close my eyes or wear sunglasses.

  • Teeth

    The dentist will ask me to open my mouth wide. I will keep my head still while the dentist looks in my mouth.

  • Person laughing

    Next, the dentist will check my teeth with special tools. This may tickle.

  • Two people holding hands

    Some of the tools make noise. This is okay! If it is too loud, I can wear headphones.

    I can hold someone's hand or ask for my favorite toy when I am lying in the dentist chair.

  • Smiling face next to an exclamation point

    When the dentist is all done, it will be time for me to go home. I did a great job at the dentist!

  • UR Medicine/Golisano Children's Hospital Lockup

    This social story is brought to you by Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics at Golisano Childrens Hospital.

    Sandy Strong and four of her friends

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