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Our Wish List

Wegmans Child Life Program Wish List

Thank you for your interest in donating items to Golisano Children’s Hospital! Our program welcomes monetary donations so that we can select developmentally appropriate items for our pediatric patients. If you would prefer to purchase items, we ask that you contact us ahead of time to find out if your donation can be accepted. All donated items must be approved before delivery.

Contact Us

  • For questions about donations or to have your items approved for donation contact:
    • Tanya Reynolds at (585) 276-6937
  • For all financial gifts please contact:
    • Golisano Children's Hospital Advancement at (585) 273-5948
  • To organize an event or fundraiser please email:

Below is a wish list of our top 10 most needed items.

Our Top Ten Child Life Wish List

  1. bubblesPlay Pack Grab & Go activity packs
  2. Stress balls (
  3. Musical toys (Fisher Price)
  4. Small Velvet Art Posters (8 x10)
  5. Pack of small bubbles (see photo) with the wand attached to the top lid as one piece (not ones where the wand is clipped to the outside of the bottle)
  6. Sweatpants for children in gray or other neutral color (S, M, L, XL) super hero action figures
  7. Small Lego sets (for girls and boys)
  8. Superhero Action Figures
  9. Deck of cards or UNO cards
  10. $10 gift cards to Walmart/Target

Special Guests/Group Visits

To protect the privacy, confidentiality and health of our patients, we cannot allow community groups to distribute gifts or visit directly with patients.

All special guest visits or performances must be arranged ahead of time with Child Life.

Important Safety Guidelines

Safety and infection prevention are just a few of our priorities when selecting toys for our pediatric patients. All toys must follow our safety guidelines:

  • All items need to be new and in their original package.
  • Please keep safety and quality in mind when selecting items. No toys with removable/detachable parts such as eyes, no protruding parts or sharp edges, no toys with marbles or magnets.
  • Fire regulations forbid electrical, spark-producing, or friction-producing toys.
  • We can not accept home-made items, including cards and other decorations.
  • Read the toy or craft item label to be sure all materials are non-toxic and non-latex.
  • No religious toys or toys that depict violence such as guns or knives.

Things to Note

  • Our patients range from a few days to nineteen years old.
  • Please consider the cultural diversity of our children when making gift selections.
  • While all gifts must be unwrapped, we always welcome donations of gift wrap and packaging such as bags and tissue paper.
  • For group donations, we would love to feature your group on social media. Please send a photo to

How to Deliver

  • Please ensure that your donation is comprised of new items from our wish list, and is approved by the Children's Hospital Advancement Office, and is no larger than 4 boxes.
  • Please deliver donations to Strong Memorial Hospital Patient Discharge (off East Drive near the main parking garage). Ambassadors are available to accept your donation.
  • Drop-offs hours are Monday - Saturday, 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.
  • View a map of the drop-off location.

How to Donate to the Hospital Wish List

Golisano Children's Hospital has many needs for larger items, such as hospital equipment and furniture. If you would like to make a gift to purchase a needed item, please contact the Office of Development and Community Affairs at (585) 273-5948.

Golisano Children's Hospital sincerely appreciates the generosity of our community. We trust that all will understand our mission for providing exemplary healthcare while following these important guidelines. We are happy to have you as part of our amazing healthcare community.