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GCH’s strategic plan builds on evidence-based practices and past successes to guide early childhood development and beyond. Through our alliances with community organizations and health providers, we are comprehensive early childhood and maternal health services including: access to contraception, preventive service offerings in Women’s Health Practices, universal coaching to families, comprehensive screenings, and home visitation for low-income and at-risk families. Our goals don’t stop at healthy births; we aim to provide the health infrastructure – from universal lead screenings to comprehensive behavioral health services – to ensure that children get the development they need to excel from the moment they start school to the day they become adults.

See How Our Programs Help Children Thrive

Golisano Children's Hospital, Rochester, NY, School-Based Telemedicine Program

School-Based Telemedicine Program Builds on Success

Golisano Children's Hospital, Rochester, NY, Long-Acting Reversible Contraception

Long-Acting Reversible Contraception (LARC)

Golisano Children's Hospital, Rochester, NY Healthcare

Commitment to Highest Quality Health Care