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Dear Friends

Strong Kids Newsletter

Dear Friends

Nina F. Schor, MD, PhD Happy New Year to you all! Over much of the recent months, I have been speaking at events and occasions raising awareness of our rapidly evolving new Golisano Children's Hospital building. Each time I do this, I am struck both by how excited everyone is about the immanent new building and by how each individual knows about only a small piece of what we do inside our hospital and how much we do in other venues! Golisano Children's Hospital doctors, nurses,therapists and social workers are just about everywhere you find children! They are in the hospital bed and operating rooms, the clinics, the schools, the community, and the University. Golisano Children's Hospital researchers and technicians are just about everywhere you find people trying to make tomorrow's medicine better for children than anything of which we can dream today! They are in the laboratories, the classrooms, the core facilities, the clinical and translational science building, the schools, and the community. Golisano Children's Hospital teachers and mentors are just about everywhere you find students and trainees! They are in the lecture halls, the seminar rooms, the hospital bed and operating rooms, the laboratories, the clinical and translational science building, and the medical, nursing, education, and business schools. This is because Golisano Children's Hospital is much more than a building.

It is a place where professionals and volunteers who come with dozens of distinct and complementary skill sets have in common one thing --- they want to be a part of ensuring the best for our region's children. In this issue of our newsletter, you will read about our new building. But you will also read about our community pediatricians as educators, mentors, and champions of the Golisano Children's Hospital. You will read about basic research and why we at Golisano Children's Hospital count it as a mission-critical part of what we do for children. And you will read about some incredible students and community friends who give in unique ways to children whose medical needs cannot wait for those new discoveries. I hope you will join us as we make 2014 the best year yet for our children and families.


Nina F. Schor, MD, PhD