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2021 Graduation Celebration

The Eastman Institute for Oral Health Graduation Ceremony was held Friday, June 25 in the Frederick Douglass Hall on the University of Rochester's River Campus. Please enjoy the  Photo Gallery and the video of the entire ceremony:

Congratulations to the largest group of EIOH residents who also earned a Master of Science in Dental Sciences Degree:

Dr. Mohamed Abulgasim Abdulatiwide angle shot of ceremony
Dr. Noor Al-Obaidi
Dr. Osamah Al-azzawi
Dr. Abdullah M. Albelali
Dr. Hussein Ahasan
Dr. Othman Abdullah O. Alkhateeb
Dr. Mohammed Louay M. Almana
Dr. Maryam Rajab Abdulloh Altuhafy
Dr. Virginia Bautista
gift bags for resident
Dr. Surya Aparna Bhavaraju
Dr. Yailin Diaz Pichardo
Dr. Suzzane Horani
Dr. Hoonji Jang
Dr. Weiran Jiang
Dr. Theocharis Nikellis
Dr. Davide Romeo
Dr. Linchuan Wang

Below are a few graduating residents who share a little bit about the impact of their experience, Covid and the life-long friendships they made while at Eastman Institute. Read other resident features in the EIOH Newsroom.

Dr. Kristen FrantzDr. Kristen Frantz (BS '12, Perio '19, Prostho '21, MS '21)

Dr. Chelsea MannsDr. Chelsea Manns (GPR '21)

Dr. Maryam AltouhyDr. Maryam Altuhafy (OFP '21, MS '21)

Dr. Francesca PietriDr. Francesca Pietri (Ortho '21)